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Topic Name: How to Check Road Indiscipline to Reduce Traffic Accidents in the State

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There are three basic points which are - strictness in issuing of the vehicle driving licence, one should get a driving licence, by passing strict tests with minimum of six months of taking proper training - Severe punishment for defaulters, so that there is strong fear of committing a mistake - As far as possible, especially in the congested areas, a divider in the road should be a must, thereby allowing one way traffic only. If possible a video recording of the roads be done so that defaulters can be checked and trained. Plus the fear of being monitored will discourage them to drive rash. There is nothing new that I am suggesting, it is being followed properly in all the developed countries, that is the reason why the accidents are bare minimum and citizens do not loose life. With so many firsts Himachal has done already, I feel that Himachal must do one more first by proving to be lowest in Road Accidents.
Increase monitoring of road by use of wireless radars and wireless camera at many places. Traffic police should be equipped with proper latest gadgets, new amended traffic rules, proper conditions of traffic roads, proper training to driver of any make vehicle and discontinue driving license of holder having poor IQ, improper vision due to age or any other reason. Traffic police should conduct road condition test on seasonal basis if improper condition of any road found, such road should be declared unsafe and banned for driving until proper repair is done by concern authorities followed by passing road condition test conducted by traffic police with third party expert apart from PWD. Without driving license and alcohol drinking condition driving case, if found should be treated as serious offense like imprisonment on spot not simply paying fine or issue challan. In Himachal Speed governor should be mandatory for all types of vehicles.
Traffic police need to be much strict. People do not follow rules for seat belt, red lights etc in our State. Some vehicles do lot of pollution, but we have no control over it. Traffic police should be equipped with sufficient patrolling vehicles. Traffic lights are working only in Shimla.
This can be only checked by sincere police officers who will challan the vehicles according to law and not according to person. Most accidents occur due to idle and wrong parking. Where there is enough space it should be marked by yellow lines and vehicles should strictly follow these traffic rules other wise they should be challaned without warning. Parking should be allowed where ever it is necessary.
The unruly behavior of person driving the vehicles may be controlled to some extent by enforcement of law but if we want to see a wide spread change, then, in my opinion a well crafted awareness campaign needs to be launched in the state especially targeting the youths and NH commuters so that they get to know about the ill and fatal effects of traffic violations. The key stakeholders like youth clubs, Auto/ Car dealers, NGOs and Youth political wings, High way side Patrol Pumps and food shops owners to be involved in the campaign with Traffic police playing a role of nodal agency. During campaign the rules and description of fine for violation of traffic rules should also be widely displayed and advertised so that everybody gets to know clearly, that for any violation the fine will be imposed. The campaign should be taken up periodically so as to reinforce the message 2 -3 times a year.
1. We need to first start differentiating between accidents and negligence. Cases where there is clear case of negligence on the part of the owner, driver etc. a case of homicide should be registered. 2. We must learn from past accidents. Unfortunately we refuse to do that. 3. Reasons of accidents should be studied in each case and corrective actions taken. 4. Enforcement mechanism is very weak. Serious thinking is required to make it effective. Every challan pertaining to driving needs to be reflected in driving license. And after a particular level we need to cancel licenses too. 5. Wherever accident happens due to bad road condition PWD requires to explain. 6. A lot of IEC needs to be done to educate the vulnerable groups. 7. The process of issuing licenses needs modification. Proper orientation needs to be given to the drivers who are supposed to drive heavy vehicles.
Persons who create traffic indiscipline such as driving in high speed, without licence or especially persons driving while drinking should be strictly punished. They should be heavily fined so that lives of innocent peoples could be saved, which suffer due to negligence of such people.
Besides equipping traffic police personnel with latest counter measures for road safety, the process of issuing licenses should be more centralised and mordernised. Off late online test has been initiated which is a very good measure and further online simulator tests for driving can also be taken so that there is very less chance for manipulation and frauds. Regular offenders for similar crimes should be penalised by barring the license for stipulated period.
Speed Controller devices should be installed in each vehicle, when the vehicle crosses the limit of speed, if so then SMS should be sent to DSP, Traffic Havaldar or Digital challan to be issued to the offender, also stop the engine for 1 hour, it is sufficient time to arrive at spot by the police party. To avoid overloading driver licence should be cancelled permanently.
No doubt even in Himachal roads are overcrowded, in spite of sincere efforts on part of government as compare to other states, we could not develop our road network to meet out the growing need of the road user, consequent upon which jam on road or other many road in-disciplinary practices are very common. No doubt police plays a vital role to check it but I think it would be better if we train our drivers perfectly before issuing their driving licence. The volunteer disciple and sensibility to use road sensibly is the need of the hour. In addition special road safety seminars and workshops at RTO offices must be organised. And even if all these efforts fail, as last alternative the police should take strong action against the law breakers.
To stop road accidents government should follow strict parameters before giving the Driving License. I have a suggestion - check blood pressure and brain reflexes of a person when he is in stress conditions on the road like crowd, traffic and also empty road. If he can tackle these condition normally then give him the license otherwise reject him.
There should be regular checking by traffic police for violators on roads. Most accidents are of bikers, or you can say students, so there should be a permanent check post of traffic police near all educational institutions in Himachal. Nowadays, state transport is also responsible for some accidents, therefore, a need to improve its condition. Need of awareness campaign by government by hoardings, television, radio advertisements etc.
Well, Government of HP should think about to check the road indiscipline of traffic. It is good but if strong determination, and Good positive approach is not spread, all the efforts become useless. Really it becomes good, if tri party solution can made, one is government, second owner of vehicles and police department.
In my view the maximum accidents are done by drivers due to negligence or by drivers of other State. First of all it must be assured that the vehicle with overloading or without documents, for example driving licence etc. must not enter the State. No doubt our police is doing good job. Random checking should be done by the police/ transport department.
Before check road indiscipline to reduce the accidents, it is utmost necessary to improve the condition of roads, because road conditions are bad in some parts of road, for example, national highway 21 from Gambrola bridge to Gmabar bridge in Naina Devi assembly constituency of Bilaspur, is in bad condition.
To reduce the accidents in hill areas, it is most important that police department should notify and display speed limit of vehicles, specially during public gatherings. Vehicle speed should not be more than 20-30 kilometers per hour in crowded areas like main event spot, market, school etc.
First of all government has to improve the roads. The current situation of roads are very bad so kindly work on this and second thing is educate the public about traffic rules.
Firstly it is mandatory to check the authentic driving licences of the drivers of vehicles. The person driving a vehicle without driving licence should be barred for 2 or 3 years to drive any vehicle. All transport drivers should have the minimum experience of 2 years of private vehicle driving. Only then they should be allowed to drive in hilly areas, it is seen that all the accidents are made by the new drivers having fresh driving licence.
It is bit natural when we talk about road crossing, it is dangerous sometime because of our ignorance. So look after for our life. It is for everyone who are in the part of society, check some measure before crossing the road. The other mode by which the accident took place is car or bike etc. Drivers should not exceed speed limits, for sake of lives of other people.
Government has to improve the roads. Departments should notify and display speed limit of vehicles. Random checking should be done by the police/ transport department. Department should follow strict parameters before giving the Driving License. Need of awareness campaign by government by hoardings, television, radio etc. Traffic indiscipline such as driving in high speed, without licence or especially persons driving while drinking should be strictly punished. This would be enough for better result. Last but not least major important thing is to apply rules strictly on everyone whether he is a small villager or a Chief Minister. Himachal Pradesh would be best State.
What I have seen is most of the people know, how to drive but they don�t know anything about traffic rules. What government should do is to start traffic rule classes/workshops and should be made compulsory for every driving license holder. It is not the overall solution but somehow it will help to reduce traffic accidents.
First of all there should be regular check for drunken driving cases which is main reason of accidents/ road indiscipline, secondly minor drivers without valid driving license should be fined heavily, thirdly there should be speed limit checks.
First of all roads should be well constructed and warranty should be given by the contractor and then checking speed of vehicles and restricting overtaking to some areas. Many times I have seen that most accidents are caused due to overtaking and over speed, there are very less accidents due to bad roads or any other factor.
By controlling speed of vehicles, do not allow teenagers to drive and by reducing the use of mobiles phones during driving.
Firstly road conditions should be improved and traffic police posts should be mandatory at some sites of highways to maintain law and order at roads. Overloading of passengers and material should be strictly prohibited
It is very common and we take it very lightly to drive a vehicle on high beams during night time, rather it has become a fashion to put on more and more lights on a vehicle. It should be taken care strictly, to reduce accident rate. Use dipper at night.
There are 5 basic reasons for traffic accidents in Himachal Pradesh. 1) Unchecked drunken driving. Police must play an effective role. 2) Tendency of overtaking on curves on wider roads. Can be controlled by providing dividers on all blind curves. 3) Blind and narrow curves on single lane roads. Speed breakers should be provided on either side of such curves with visible road marking and sign boards. 4) Absence of parapets on valley side of all roads. 5) Absence of proper maintenance of roads and road markings.
It is not in the enforcement of laws stringently, it is the education and moral values that counts everywhere. Until people understand their responsibilities and value of their lives and lives of others these road accidents are hard to check.
It does not require drastic measures to reduce road fatalities. All that is required is a commitment to sustained campaign to inculcate greater discipline on roads. We must develop a culture of lawfulness within State. This means that we must have zero tolerance for indiscipline on the roads. We cannot endanger the lives of others simply because we love speed or wish to be at some place, we are going, quickly.
I have seen many people driving two wheeler without helmets particularly young boys. Check posts should be made on all roads at border of Himachal with neighboring States. Please replace old HRTC buses to avoid major accidents and lot of life losses. Driver of these buses should be given enough rest to avoid accidents. Put hoardings on road sides, such as low beam light in nights, no overtaking during curves for safe driving. Also put slogans and road safety rules in back of receipts of road/toll tax. Do not allow passengers in trucks and goods vehicles and encourage the people to obey traffic rules.
I think first start the traffic discipline from local markets. Put at least 5 to 6 CCTV cameras in each tehsil and major markets. I think major accidents are caused from other vehicles, for example, wrong side entry, rough driving, high light beam driving etc. Then make heavy penalties like, Rs.1000/- for not wearing helmet, Rs.1500/- for not wearing seat belt, Rs.1000/- for not stopping at red light. Also fix up speed limit cameras in accident prone areas. The challans of vehicles for any violation should be done automatically through online systems.
As said speed thrills but kills, one must keep a rein on speed, so that there is better control of the vehicle. Obey traffic rules as they have been designed with safety foremost in mind. One should wear seat belts. Pedestrians and children come first. Always read caution signs. Adopt antiskid break systems in the cars. Vehicle must be in good working condition. Roads should be in good condition along with proper sign boards. Drugs and alcohol must be avoided while driving. Road safety is a collective effort of the government and people while the government administration must leave no stone unturned in ensuring proper condition of the roads and enforcing strict adherence to traffic rules, responsible driving and the right attitude of people with respect to traffic rules is perhaps the first step on the long road to 100 percent safety on the roads.
I think installing CCTV at Main Highway roads will be helpful and regular challan on not wearing Helmet and not carrying valid license should be done.
Firstly, the roads should be two laned and repaired timely. Secondly, place the traffic police at the main station for checking the speed limit and the drunk drivers to reduce the traffic accidents in the state.
I think police should check for overloading, drug abuse. Driving should be prohibited with alcohol. Over speed checking should be done at late night vehicles.
Firstly by building safe world class roads nothing less and lastly impose stringent traffic rules with heavy fines on traffic rule violations can control the traffic situation.
I think we should educate both people and police personnel. For Traffic management other departments should also participate equally. Proper road design and good quality products should used for road construction. There should be a subject of traffic rules in schools and colleges.
Government has to improve the roads. Departments should notify and display speed limit of vehicles. Random checking should be done by the police/ transport department. Department should follow strict parameters before giving the Driving License. Need of awareness campaign by government by hoardings, television, radio etc. Traffic indiscipline such as driving in high speed, without licence or especially persons driving while drinking and use of mobile, overtaking, not wearing helmet etc. should be strictly punished. This would be enough for better result. Last but not least major important thing is to apply rules strictly on everyone.
I think its common sense of driving whatever the roads are. It take years from now to build roads of world class with current economic status of the state. As per my point of view we can have certain change in issuing driving license like it should be a difficult process. Written test and psychological interview must be for license,so that we can produce a matured drivers. I have almost drive thousands of kms all across the state but it is hard to find the matured drivers. Most of the people are driving like road king.
The best way is to educate motorists.To inculcate a sense of safety saves and ROAD SENSE. Parents also have responsibility to ensure that their wards learn better driving, road sense, respect for pedestrians, cyclists before buying a vehicle for them that does not proves to be hazard on the road and license of death for them.Our school teachers can inculcate good knowledge of rules of using roads.
Government need to improve the road conditions in the state. The road conditions are worst in some parts of the state. People who travel on these roads are forced to go against traffic rules because of the bad condition of roads and these indiscipline leads to accidents. So my view is to first make these roads properly motor able then only we can think of reducing traffic accidents. Proper parking places can also contribute to the reduce rate of accidents.
Farm machinery should not be allowed on the road as they are not made for road user.Drivers are ignorant of the traffic rules and there need of the hours is the strict control over the RTO to issue the licenses.
Road accidents can be reduced only when the drivers are educated about the reasons of accidents first and by safe driving and maturity of the drivers will definitely reduce road accidents. Secondly, rash driving and not using of dippers at night hours invites road accidents which needs attention.In order to check road indiscipline the person should be warned first and subsequently he and she should be fined as per rule and the discipline can be generated only when one understands the rules and regulations of the road.
According to me people drive negligently because they dont much care about Police.Police has a power to challan the vehicle only and the amount of challan is very small.Here are some suggestions 1) Increase the amount of challan substantially. 2) If a person is committing the same offence second time then increase the penalty amount three times and so on. 3) Put CCTV on major road sites with round the clock surveillance. 4) If a person has been challaned for more than three times in a year then cancel his/her driving license.
Technology can help. Need to develop high tech DL and vehicles recolonization technology. And scanners should be installed on Accident prone roads or all highway roads � all should be on line and should be controlled at traffic control rooms at different locations. Look like difficult but not impossible. For finance help, every road user can donate if amount to be demanded in 2 digits.
The driving license issuing process is needed to be made more tough. Every existing driving license should be verified once again as per new norms. After verification, sudden checks should be made if any D/L is not found up to mark, verifying/issuing officer and owner of D/L must be held responsible.
1. Awareness among individuals/drivers on road/ driving etiquettes 2. People Should understand the premium of their life 3. Compliance of drunk and drive rules strictly with addition of termination of driving license after second instance under drunk and drive rule 4. Proper Road Signs and Maintenance of Roads 5. Hill License needs to be mandatory for non-commercial drivers in state
The First important issue is about Driving license. Police should take care about it and the issuing authority for DL should be Strict. The issuing Driving license system is not taking it seriously as I think.
Every rule must be applied strictly. If there is some faulty situation put heavy fine. Chalan may be done using high tech devices i.e. see the situation by satellite for wrong parking, high speed, wrong pass, wrong cut.
1) Rules need to simple and easy to follow 2) Application of rule to all in one and only one manner and not looking at who is behind the wheel or who is he or she driving for 3) Drivers of vehicles entering HP , should be given Instructions ( leaflet ) and be made aware what and how are road conditions in HP 4) Owning /registration of vehicles to be restricted by making some workable policy at Govt. level
1)Identifying the Accident prone areas 2)Putting the hoarding indicating the Accident Prone Areas 3)Setting the speed limit 4) Road Engineering 5)Police check for drunken driving and fast driving. 6) last but not least Mass Education related to road sense.
Traffic Police should be deployed at required places. When anybody disobey the rule, he/she must be fined not with the rupees but he/she must have to attend an detailed class of the rule, that the person had broken.And this class should be organized by the department itself within one location in the district.Only then the documents should be released by the challan authority.
Strict implementation of law without political interference and traffic duty constables should be more empowered to challan a vehicle.
Road Indiscipline may be avoided to a significant extent by Education and training of children in school by road traffic instructors and school teachers and by conducting refresher courses for older drivers to bring home safe driving principles and to refresh their knowledge of traffic laws. Newspapers, radio, television and other means can be used to educate road users both to dangers and to safe practices on the road. Road accidents may also be avoided by adopting reasonable and enforceable traffic laws which at the same time are best designed to prevent accidents. Regular and timely maintenance of vehicles and roads may also be very useful.
Drivers / Riders forget the rules as soon as he put to drive. He only thinks of the speed, wrong passes on road and rash driving. Hoardings relating to fatal accidents and consequences related to fatal accidents should be displayed on the roads to remind drivers/ riders about the consequences after accident. Besides a huge fine should be imposed on the drivers / riders who break the rules of driving.
To check road indiscipline upgrade and modernize traffic police, person who broke traffic rule should be given severe punishment. Strict and honest procedure must be followed for issuing driving license.
Moral Education in schools may be one of the steps to reduce road indiscipline. We need to educate our children against bribe, corruption and need to tell them to obey the traffic rules strictly, because only discipline can save the life and make a person successful.
The answer to this problem and all other similar problem is that we all need to change our mindset that one who knows many people working on important positions and one who possess the privilege of disobeying rules is of more worth to society. Once we change this mindset most of things in our society will be in order. This will definitely reduce the percentage of accident occurrence.
The govt. should make awareness among adults and the commercial drivers during their driving test .The district website should add a new topic about the major accident prone area in their official website. The government should distribute a pamphlet for every tourist about the danger areas from accidental point of view. The police have to provide the special training regarding a check and balance to these areas. The department of traffic police should issue holding about the highly danger areas.
People should be made aware of hazards of driving unsafe through various advertisements. School children may be roped in cities to give the message to people. However Govt. must do something about road conditions. The road condition is really bad and improvements are required for road safety.
Before issuing driving license, atleast 3 to 7 days training should be made mandatory in Driving Learning Institute run by the Government to train on road safety and safe driving.
Police department need to be strict and must aware people on road safety and rules. Police can organize awareness camps in schools or in main centers of cities. Wearing helmet and seat belts should be made compulsory. Marking of parking areas will be helpful, especially for buses.
CCTV should be deployed on accident prone areas. Unmanned vehicles standing on road should be taken away by police immediately. Public Works Dept. should be made party in case accident occurs due to their fault. Public awareness programmes should be organized by Police.
Every rule must be applied strictly. The roads should be two laned and repaired timely. Also fix up speed limit. Cameras in accident prone areas must be placed. The challans of vehicles for any violation should be done automatically through online systems.
Most of the people know the traffic rules but don�t obey them and this is the time when traffic police has to be strict with them by doing maximum number of challans to make them realize the need of obeying rules. This will helps in generation of revenue to the state as well as reducing traffic accidents.
Besides, issues of helmet/seat belts, road connectivity, drunken driving, identification of black spots, process of issuance of License, speed limit, installation of CCTV cameras etc. Govt. may also focus on disallowing commercial activities on the roadside sans requisite parking. e.g. Auto Repair shops on the roadside without adequate parking space results in traffic jam. Remember some of the eminent persons who lost their lives in road accidents and the reason discovered were wrong parking by the other vehicles.
The driver should be arrested if found drunk on wheels. Drinking causes most of accidents. While issuing driving license, strict trials shall be conducted. A hefty increase in compounding fees will also deter violators in parking, overspeeding and negligent driving. State should also provide parking places at strategic points for convenience of public.
Everyday checking at different points of roads should be done. Consumption of liquor, age of the driver, whether mobile is kept switched off, whether music is being played all this should be checked daily by the honest employees of the police department.
In my opinion following measures can help. Many new and old black spots need to be marked distinctly across the state. Sharp curves should be widened. Stray Cattle is also a problem although reducing day by day. People who are driving buses should be checked regularly for intoxication. Private buses run very fast for competition for carrying more passengers, this leads to many accidents, it should be checked with heavy fine. Challan of vehicles should not be in March only but throughout year.
First improve the conditions of the roads. I think the condition of the roads can help to reduce traffic accidents in the state. Awareness among the drivers about the road safety must be given. In our country people feel proud in breaking the traffic rules which cause the most of the accidents. A magazine must be printed and circulated to all the license holders in the state about the number of accidents occurs every year in the state along with the photographs of the people who killed unfortunately in the accidents with the views of the victims who are suffering / struggling with their lives due to an road accident. At last it is the whole responsibility of our society and we people to highlight those who create indiscipline on the roads.
Information technology and electronic technology must be used to curve the traffic accidents. More emphasis must be given to make road widen, metalled. License policy for giving new driving license must be improved as many accidents occur due to negligence of driver. More power will be given to traffic staff and honest traffic police men be deployed for traffic regulation duty. Also sensor, speed checking equipment must be provided to traffic police.
We need to sensitize the drivers as well as the police. Corrective methods may not prove that useful. While giving license drivers should be made aware of the traffic rules and consequences of poor driving. The major mistakes made are: Turning at curves at full speed. Driving at the wrong side. Not allowing space for vehicle coming from other side at curves. Overtaking at curves. Driving vehicles with high beams. Drink and Drive. Most of these problems relate to ignorance. If proper awareness along with penalties is imposed we may save a lot of lives.
Effective implementation of traffic rules and educating the people on road safety by chalking out a plan for regular interaction with students besides training on road safety before issuing driving license.
We should educate the people regarding the road sense. This can be done by organizing the workshops in schools and other educational institutions and nukkad shows on the roadside. Even then if we don�t find concrete result we should deal with culprits of road indiscipline with heavy hands.
Most of the accident occurs due to over speed so various locations should be guarded with over speed checking machines, various checks by traffic police should be conducted for drunken driving and at last proper training should be conducted by HP transport authority before awarding the license to the applies license holder.
Regular police patrolling and check is must to curb this menace, as we Indians have still not evolved completely as responsible citizens. Till there is fear of law we cannot abide by the rules. License of drunken drivers should be cancelled immediately. Underage driving should be very heavily fined. Over speeding must be seen as a serious crime and dealt accordingly.
Fix cctv camera on highways to check speed, feeding to monkeys, drinking and overtaking on turns. Road side parking which obstruct other vehicle should be stopped. All drivers must undergo one day special driver training once in every six month. Instruct all owners to pay taxes.
A big penalty in terms of money be imposed and the names of such defaulters be displayed at public places through e-boards or be printed in newspapers in bold italics fonts followed by severe punishment which may become example for others not to disobey traffic rules. Strict implementation of rules must be there for all.
The misleading and glorifying advertisements of bikes etc showing the speed and stunts should be banned. The public should be made aware about good driving habits. The roads should be properly marked for dividing the lanes, stoppages, walking area for the pedestrians etc. The drivers should be put to driving tests in strict sense and not in papers only. Stringent punishments should be there for violations of traffic rules.
In most of the cases, over speed is the main cause of accidents. The root cause of over speed is to take maximum passengers in by the bus operators before another bus passes. The transport department is responsible for making result oriented policies to curtail over speeding. Intoxication, poor conditions of road, poor mechanical condition of vehicles, poor driving, stray cattle, use of mobile phones are another major factors for accidents which need serious concern of the govt.
First we need to improve the pathetic condition of the roads. In the most dangerous roads we should put the speed breakers and solid parapets and the rash driving can be stopped by cancelling the driving licenses and our police persons should check carefully every person is having a valid license and id proof for the same. We need to make the narrow roads little wider and drainage system should be in proper conditions. There is no need to show the mercy against the ones who are rash drivers or violating the traffic rules.
In case of public transport, duty hours of driver should be fixed and no overtime should be allowed, so that driver can take proper rest. Life of many people depends on driver and he should be aware of the fact. Proper maintenance of buses should be ensured by Government authorities.
Roads in Himachal Pradesh have improved a lot, but problem is of new technology, high speed vehicles in plain roads of few kilometers stretch, where drivers tend to speed up. Checks must be placed on these high speed vehicles. Secondly two wheelers find the roads empty and speedup even on curves and due to lesser balance, tend to drive even on wrong side of roads.
The driver should be arrested if found drunk on wheels. Drinking causes most of accidents. While issuing driving license, strict trials shall be conducted. Regular police patrolling and check is must to curb this menace. Traffic Police should be deployed at required places.
Police should be allowed to perform its duty without any interference. Influential people manage to go scot free. So policemen also don�t care to perform their duty with devotion. Sometimes they even have to face tough times for performing their duty. Some got transferred, some rebuked, so why should they do all this when there is no recognition but only depression.
Many times I have seen that the persons whom the traffic police know very well are driving without helmet but nobody stops them. These people violate rules and cause an accident.
First and foremost, traffic police being ill-equipped and poorly-staffed their presence wherever required is much less than needed. Installation of automatic signals and CCTVs will greatly ease the situation. It has also been noticed that absence of parking places forces public to park the vehicles haphazardly and challaning them has not improved the situation. Being a hilly area we should drive calmly.
First of all we need to motivate the persons who drive, to follow traffic rules along with their moral duties. If every one does their duty honestly there will be no chance of accidents. And one more thing, one should avoid driving before 18 years, it may reduce traffic accidents.
At present all the newspapers are full with the news of accident. To reduce it, it is very necessary to make strict and stern action against the defaulter by the police. If a teenager or adult found without driving license, sent him/her to the court and punish him or her with 10 days prison or collect a heavy fine from them. I have another suggestion, make a group of defaulter of one week and call them collectively on Sunday and order them to clean hospitals, dirty streets, or other govt. property, due to this defaulter definitely will realize the guilty and feel shame.
In my opinion, every individual while driving should know the Sensitivity of job in letter and spirit. If he/she does the driving in a senseless manner, which would definitely harm that individual as well as others. However at the time of issuing Driving License every person must be made fully aware about the careful and safe driving.
The image of police has raised considerably with the recruitment of the women cops into traffic but at the same time police needs to be a bit strict while dealing with drivers on the other side of the law. The challan amount needs to be increased.
Traffic police may be engaged on roads all the time. Checking must not be on random basis. Traffic police should be well equipped. Speed limit of all vehicles must be controlled either with the help of cameras or by any other possible means. Most of the accidents happen due to damaged road, so the responsibility of the defaulter may be fixed for any road accidents. All roads must be repaired as per yard stick / standards, not partially.
Speed limit check should be there in cities as well as on highways. Routine checks of drivers from physical to mental status must be done. Light to heavy penalty on drivers who repeat the mistakes must be imposed. Licenses of the repeated defaulters should be cancelled after some time. Good parking space must be provided.
The high speed driving by tourist's cars/vehicles needs to be checked by traffic police by way of heavy challaning. Such drivers make journeys unsafe for other law abiding road users. Lane discipline must be enforced while overtaking.
Make our traffic police more empowered in equipment with speedometer, Doppler radar, etc to check the indiscipline of driver of vehicles at odd hours.
Due to shortage of traffic police personnel in the state, the government should install the cctvs in all major locations and especially in accident prone areas and put big banners on roadside stating you are under surveillance in order to caution the prospective offender. Police should put regular nakas in all major locations.
The roads should be marked properly with white and yellow lines. There should only specific places for overtaking and should be declared 500mts in advance and anyone overtaking anywhere else should be heavily fined, which can be electronically monitored through cctv cameras.
Driving while talking on mobile phone is the main cause of accidents. So if anyone caught must be punished.
Install/improve road safety signs like engineer grade reflective aluminum road signs, engineer grade prismatic reflective signs, high intensity prismatic reflective signs or diamond grade fluorescent prismatic road signs. These signs cater to day and night times.
All drivers must be educated and have knowledge about traffic signals, traffic wardens, traffic lights. Inculcate awareness among youth by street shows in urban and rural areas. Avoid noise pollution by making use of horn punishable by challan, when used unnecessarily. Traffic police should use new technologies like speed guns, speed arresters.
Enery vehicle on road must be treated equally with respect to traffic rules and every body must be fined if rules are broken by them, even they are having red light.
Provide space to every person present on road. We have to provide space for parking and footpath to pedestrians. Indiscipline must be checked through strict actions like challan and by impounding of vehicles.
Make all footpaths worthy of walking and encourage people to use them. Police official on duty should not discriminate between any vehicle and they must reports overloading, over speeding etc. to their immediate officer for necessary actions. Road side parking in absence of proper parking needs to be regulated. Proper check on underage drivers must be done and verification of licenses of such suspected people should also be there. Hand held speed guns to check speed limits should be used. Most important inculcate sense of driving in all by implementing law strictly.
Drunken driving is the major cause of road accidents. A check on drunken drivers can contribute a lot in reduction of road accidents.
The first and foremost reason of accidents is consumption of liquor. If we check this particular problem the accident rates will surely goes down. Police check post should be there, where people irrespective of region must be checked for drinking and driving case.
Persons talking on Mobile while driving should be heavily fined. Cameras should be rooted at every highway at a certain distance for checking overloading and over speeding. All the buses plying in the hills should have speed governors. In jams, the jumpers should not only be warned but immediately challaned.
Start giving demerits to defaulter drivers and increase their license fees. This fee must be charged from them every year. If they continue doing mistakes their license should be cancelled.
It can be reduced by increasing the posts of traffic police near the crowded areas, by making proper place for the parking of the vehicles. On the highways many accidents are caused by high speed of the vehicles so the proper highway patrol police should be provided at the various highways, and the roads leads to villages are not so much good in condition so Government should take some effective measures about them. By giving some awareness seminar to the public, so that public understand the limitations of high speeding and breaking of the traffic rules. Police need to be more strict about this problem then only we can control the traffic accidents.
Everyone talks righty about road safety during the day but I find that drivers driving at night with high beams on are a real menace to the society. May be some electronic equipments/gadgets to tag defaulters would go a long way in promoting road safety. Also may be barring drivers from driving for some days and imposing fine would help.
Speed limit check should be in cities as well as on highways. Routine checks of drivers from physical to mental status must be done. Light to heavy penalty on drivers who repeat the mistakes must be imposed. Licenses of the repeated defaulters should be cancelled after some time. Good parking space must be provided.
We need to educate our people about transport system, how to behave on and off road. Government should set a subject on transport for students in schools, improvement of roads and facilities (parking, footpaths etc.) Participation of parents to guide their children regarding this should be started. Police should take strict action against defaulters.
We need to be strict towards our road road safety rules. For example, bound of vehicle, driving license suspension and imprisonment. So that people think twice before breaking any rule. And for better implementation of above rules technology can be very much helpful like driving license should be digitalized and process of issuing license should be comprehensive in actual not only on papers.