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Topic Name: Suggestions for better management and working of Temples in Himachal Pradesh

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When we compare the whole system in India with here in USA, believe me I am more patriotic than anyone, it lags behind in many forms. The way our Political, Government or Social system has crashed or is at the last step of crashing, its too disturbing. Now there is need to change the whole system. If we can think this way then only small issues like better management of Temples can come. SDM office generally looks after the temple management, but its just upto when SDM has to do Yagna during Navratra or any other big day. He is not responsible for this, he is used to having a pile of files to clear in a day daily so where is time with him to see the temple. It would be better if we create a kind of cooperative societies, but again do we have good people around who can be appointed as management of those societies, I would rather say we do have good people but then we have to find them. Himachal is the land of Gods and we miss it more than anyone.
We also see the difference in our society as compared to society in USA. The USA is taken as more open as any nation but USA is also more responsible than any other nation. People here do their duties keeping in my mind that its their country, whereas in India people keep their home first. Tell me dears if your country is gone, where will you find your home. So there is need to do a basic ground work. Which will take time, many different measure and strict plans with strict time bound actions. Those who can deliver should be leaders. Same way get some those left few good men/women from society and ask them to preside over the functions, our Younger generation is not spoiled as our elder one compare to elders' bad politics. Before they learn the bad things put them into this auspicious work, ask them to deliver during Melas etc. So everything is about better management, management comes from professionals, so appoint someone with background of management to manage any thing and if he delivers keep him otherwise look for other guy.
Millions of rupees are generated thru donations in temple, see how better the businessmen who come from Punjab or other places manage their Bhandaras in Chamunda temple or other temples. Ask them , this is in their blood to serve better. So it would be as a whole exercise to clean our society rather than cleaning Temple management.
I know its tough to understand what I have said, but its not impossible to achieve if one has will.

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