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Current Topic: How Digital India can contribute to progress of the State?

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Digital India may be Digital Revolution after the Green Revolution in India, which can directly transforms the lives of our Rural people, specially farmers by using the simple available tools on Internet.
Development of a country or a state or a place depends on how it cop up with the pace of time and the changing world. Digitization has been a new revolution not for India but for the whole world. It has reduced the time and efforts of mankind. Paperless work has helped us to save the environment. We can now get the work done within seconds while it took hours and days to do the same before. Computers and other digital devices have completely changed the life of a human beings and therefore digital India campaign which is a progressive step by the Government, will provide and aware the mankind to utilize the Digital services to make a better future.
Digital India can contribute to progress of the State, if Government install broadband connection with LAN or VSAT to every Gram Panchayat. All the basic work of bill payment, checking of land records and other eServices etc. can work.
The initiative digital India aims to educate citizens digitally. Also digital India will bring e-governance to doorstep and connect common man with the government. Digital India is going to be boon for small and large scale industries and there by the state is going to be benefited in big way. A large number of employment will be generated. Transparency in government and private sector will be achieved. People will be able to get job done from home, hence no need to have rounds of offices. Though state is going to reap benefit of digital India, yet few questions keep trickling up in my mind. One - How will corporate sector recover their cost. Two- efficiency of digital India is directly proportionate to the efficiency of person handling data. Three - Will this initiative help government achieve a larger aim ie surveillance. Not-withstanding, the above initiative is going to help progress of state tremendously.
Digital India can revolutionize the state of HP in various sectors such as 1. Remote medical facilities to patients 2. Remote surveillance to crime for crime prevention 3. Remote Crops monitoring and decease control for farmers 4. Removal of Corruption with budget online monitoring from finance department for public money 5. Real time Performance monitoring of various ministries and departments 6. Better way to educated people on current issues 7. Cashless and paperless work with use of online banking, reservation, examination, results and soft copies based documentation 8. The most important is optional education of high standard education to our students.
Digital India means the digitalization of Indian resources and their management. Firstly if a nation is digitally independent then it is in the right path of progress, like if a farmer is well enough to know the schemes related to agriculture, then he/she will be benefited and also the Nation as a whole would be benefited. Now days all Government agencies are giving their services online, so it becomes necessary for any citizen to know the digital procedures for advancement.
Digital India will improve the transparency in the work of State. Speedy disposal of work, complaints will be ensured. Speedy service will be delivered to public. It will definitely help in fighting corruption.
Digital India-This is the way to transform the state into a digitally empowered knowledge economy and under this plan government services are available to farmer, villagers and peoples get benefit of latest information and technology as a result there will be an overall progress of the state.
Digital India can help state more effectively in policies making, their implementation and reach to targeted group.
The Digital India vision provides the intensified impetus for further momentum and progress for e-Governance and would promote inclusive growth that covers electronic services, products, devices, manufacturing and job opportunities. Digital infrastructure will focus on providing high speed secure Internet. Governance and services on demand will stress on integrating services across departments and jurisdictions and making services available in real time for both online and mobile platform. It will help in reducing corruption, getting things done quickly and also will help in reducing paper work.
For the progress of the state every resident’s contribution is essential. Today we are living in the world of IT. Most of the tasks have been preferred to complete online or through internet. Central Govt. is also emphasizing IT education through various projects. Our state can be benefited a lot by linking all the natives together. By joining digital India program all sections of our state will be benefited like students can avail online facilities, farmers and entrepreneurs can avail the various schemes being launched through their mobile apps and internet.
Digital revolution cannot occur without providing basic infrastructure and availing internet at low cost. Rural Himachal needs fast development strategies for digital infrastructure with proper surveillance. Government can achieve target of smart village, having urban facilities in rural India, which was dream of late Abdul Kalam, only if Government coordinate activities of public institutions, private players with a well planned strategy. Smart village will put end to need for urbanisation and will halt migration and will transform agriculture.
With the launch of Digital India programme, the Government is taking a big step forward to transform the country into a digitally empowered knowledge economy. It will help in reducing corruption, if implemented on whole. It will help in getting things done quickly. It will help in reducing paper work.
Himachal Pradesh is a State where road connectivity is relatively difficult, Digital India campaign can bring close the far flung areas like Lahaul Spiti, Chamba, Kinnaur and various other places. A Digital Himachal will be able to cop up with the rapidly changing economic, business, social and International environment. One way where we see so many cities and nations are going completely paperless, Himachal Pradesh is certainly little behind. Here people still waits in queues for getting registered in electoral rolls, aadhar linked schemes, banking, insurance, etc. It will help State to eradicate unfair practices, for example of Revenue department where land record is available online has eliminated maximum corruption, same way, online electricity bill payment, water charges, land purchase and sale, gas cylinder payment etc. Similar arrangement can be made for corporate individuals. From service tax to TDS all transaction need to be digitally enabled.
Digital India will contribute to the development of the State by taking care of the red tapism i.e. unnecessary delay in the decision making. The policies and the programs of the Government can reach the people faster and it will certainly benefit the deserving ones. But the success of this will greatly depend upon the internet services availability, which is very poor and need to be strengthened in the State.
By making use of digital technology, we can revolutionise our functioning in terms of quality and performance standards. Service delivery to the public can be efficiently monitored. Similarly, genuineness of problems faced by public can be ascertained. Real and practical solutions to public problems can be worked out, planned, implemented and monitored for effectiveness. The most important thing is that arbitrariness on the part of public as well as government departments can be eliminated.
Digital India Programme envisages efficient and timely planning, execution , monitor and evaluation of the proposed, ongoing works, projects in the public and private sectors without any undue delay. Bringing more transparency in administration and governance, so reducing corruption etc. which is major hindrance in developmental processes.
Ease the deposit of fees, challans, taxes etc. and ease of obtaining information from government departments and will reduce user-officer interface, delay in disposal of complaints, queries. One can obtain information, apply online for government schemes, jobs any time and any where. Each village must have a center for digital access so that villagers can get benefit of various government schemes without trouble of repeated visits to offices.
Digital India is considered to be a revolutionary paradigm shift from the inactivate minds to accelerated activity within the vicinity of this country. As a Indian citizen, I presume this will bring about a rational change in every aspect of our looking and anticipating the virtual world.
The Digital India would help to provide the computer awareness in remote areas and people may get aware of use of interner for education. It will assist in filling the forms, paying electricity bills etc. online, hence there would be saving in time and efforts. Most important application is to provide online education in remote areas.
Digital India can help in progress of our State by saving the time or speedy disposal of cases, increase transparency, thus stop corruption, give new and better chances of employment, upgrade the living standards of our people, help the students to access, learn and explore new and best things by making use of digitization, paperless offices thus more trees will be saved, direct benefits from Government schemes, direct transfer of funds, pensions subsides to the accounts and many more.
Digital India initiative have immense potential to develope State at grass root level. Implementing Information Technology and Communication model at all schools will be a major booster, through this, we can minimize the gap between fastest growing world and rural areas, as approximately 89 percent rural population in the State.
More transparency, time saving, disciplined and time bound completion of works, easy to check the bottlenecks, less corruption, updating, better utilization of resources and better attendance in offices. However I am surprised to find my State ahead in this adventurous task of digitalization than many others despite the difficult physical geography of the State. But it is good and going to be more advantageous to our people. Congratulations and good wishes to the team Digital India in the State, who I am sure going to spread it with more zeal and enthusiasm in making people of the State learn to take maximum advantage of the latest technologies. Jai Himachal, Jai Bharat.
Digital India programme is one of the high level of development in any region. Development always means the better living standard and facilities provided by the Government to citizens. Works using digital technology is the time saving and fast process for any development of society.
Digital India is the digital revolution which will ensure speedy and effective disposal of public grievances. Digitization will help to combat corruption and hence promoting transparency. Door to door communication between common people and government will become easy. Reduction in paper work will lead to achieve the goals of sustainable development. Pre forecasting related to weather phenomenon along with ample need of irrigation and fertilizers in the field as per requirement will enhance productivity, increasing the purchasing power of farmer leading to social development securing overall Gross National Happiness. For the apple State digitization will promote tourism, social and economical development, better communication and transportation facilities along with proving business friendly atmosphere for new start up in the state. Linking all educational and health care institutes throughout the State will upgrade health and educational system of State.
The Digital India initiative of the Government of India hinges on the idea of creating a digital network that can bridge both rural and urban sectors of India through digitalization. The vision areas of Digital India are: infrastructure as utility to every citizen, governance and services on demand, digital empowerment of citizens. The programme focuses on making technology central to enabling change and acts on being an umbrella programme covering many departments. The programme links together a large number of ideas and thoughts into a single, comprehensive vision, so that each of them is seen as part of a larger goal. Each individual element stands on its own, but is also part of the larger picture. The linking together makes the mission transformative in totality. The digital India programme will pull together many existing schemes which would be restructured and refocused and implemented in a synchronized manner.
Though everyone is today talking about the goods of Digital India. But there is a dearth need to revise the situation on ground structure of internet services. Commercial companies like Airtel, Idea etc. are hiking prices of data usage like Hungary monsters. And public sector unit BSNL is continuously showing its inability to provide new connections of broadband. Digital India is an excellent initiative by GOI but it cannot be effective till the prices for internet usage are under control or BSNL fulfill the purpose of their existence.
Regarding digital India not much has been done. For Instance the orders within the government are still done on notepad with noting and the files moving at snail pace from one table to another. Government officials are not communicating on e-mails for speedy decision making and communication of orders, but on contrary following the old traditional way of noting on notepad and the files circulating for months. Any demand, suggestion, request, query, complaint can be uploaded and mailed to the concerned official for remarks and the same way orders within a day or hours can be made making the work of Executive effective saving time. In today’s time with technology at hand while on move also the officials can effectively work saving time and giving prompt decisions, which otherwise take days months to happen.
The Digital India initiative seeks to lay emphasis on e-governance and transform India into a digitally empowered society. Digital India program will help farmers in various ways including weather forecast to agriculture consultation. Government services will be available online where citizens will be ensured easy access to it. Transactions will be made easy through electronic medium.
Digital India is bringing transparency in the government processes. There has been reduced time for service delivery. Frequent visits to government offices has been drastically reduced. Apart from all this Digital India is indirectly helping in preservation of eco-system of our beautiful and peaceful Himachal. It is because of the reason that data is travelling electronically. Hence consumption of paper is reduced. Which is leading to cutting lesser number of trees for making paper. Digital India is a blessing specially for common man of our Himachal Pradesh.
Digital India may help in the following manners: 1.Transparency in the system 2.Skill development in order to understand digital system 3.Convenience to avail services 5.Expeditious settlement of issues 6.Reduction or zero corruption 7.Compulsory IT Education in country
In order to get full benefits from the Digital India initiative, firstly our State needs to strengthen its digital infrastructure viz the broadband, WiFi-hotspots etc. Otherwise, we can not even think of what digital India can offer to us. After rectifying this problem, we need to educate the people mainly the rural ones about how technology can change their lives. For example, if the farmers use the latest technologies and go for mechanization etc, they can reap a lot of benefits which would be beneficial for them as well as the state and the country. Another example is of the rural areas where people fear about using the ATM cards and think that they might lose all their hard earned money if something goes wrong. In these type of cases, we need to educate them about the things they need to be careful of and also the advantages of using these type of technologies.
Digital India is one of the eminent and beneficial project launched by Government of India in 2015. Like urban part of our nation, rural regions of India will also need to be connected and participated directly to growth of India. It will bring farmers, villagers and people from remotest part of the country into frontline and would help them to participate and contribute on Indian growth. We want Digital India project would spread in Himachal Pradesh successfully and people of Himachal Pradesh would be benefitted.
The Digital India Programme complements several initiatives aimed at building a 21st century Government that works better for the Himachal State. Himachal state is major tourist attractions all over the world. The Digitization defines the manner in which information is organized and provided to customers. It represents the way Government and Private sector deliver government information like data, information or content digitally, whether through websites, mobile applications, or other modes of electronic delivery. Digital solutions are essential in every industry today, whether tourism, optimizing manufacturing, analyzing patient data in hospitals, enhancing network infrastructure or developing sustainable energy systems. Advanced IT solutions and software will be indispensable for controlling developments in the future. Digitalization can help banks to reinvent themselves and tackle the end-to-end customer experience.
I think the State Government should make an outcome based time bound plan to integrate Education, Health, Tourism and Revenue areas as top priority and focus areas to make a beginning. The State will be immensely benefited if these areas are focused upon. Rather than making scattered efforts in all areas, it would be better if three to four focus areas are identified. After the experience and learning from these areas, the State can identify other areas simultaneously.
Digital India can immensely contribute to the development and progress of the state. Himachal has been receptive to the digital age and it shows in the successful implementation of HIMSWAN. From education to the Land Revenue every department has become citizen friendly by using the internet. Digital divide is a bane to any modern State and hence our State should try and include every citizen to be a part of the digital revolution. Government can also reap rewards by making the Government departments online. This can save a lot of time, money and minimize red tapism. Digital India can therefore help the State in a number of ways like services to be more citizen centric, prompt in service delivery, efficient management of grievance redressal, people participation in policy making, spreading awareness and saving paper. Thus it can be said that Digital India is a synonym of progress and Himachal has a lot to gain from this scheme.